Flø and its suroundings have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to activities. You can bring your backpack and take a mountain hike. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the cabins to one of many trails leading up to the plateu behind Flø. You will find hiking maps in all the cabins. If you are wondering wich trail to take, ask us. There are both easy and hard trails.
There are several mountain lakes with possibilities for fishing and tenting.
In the autumn you can pick fresh blueberries and the famous cloudberries.
At the mountaintops you will have a view to the «Sunnmørsalps» at one side and the endless Atlantic, with a few islands, at the other side.

The sea can be, and often is, rough. And through history several ships have sunk. The most famous, the Dutch «Akerendam». If you go diving you may be lucky and find an old coin. If you can not find a treassure, at least you can pick shells for dinner. Contact the local diving club «Ulstein og Hareid Dykkarklubb» if you want more information on diving, or if you would like to rent their larger boat «Ullaholm».

There is always at least a little breeze at Flø. Which is perfect if you would like to go windsurfing or kiting. Some locals use the winterwaves for surfboarding.
The mountains rising above Flø have been and can be used for, climbing, bouldring, paragliding, hanggliding and more. The terrain is great for offroadbiking too.

Even if Flø is a tiny and quiet village, it is not remote. It will take you 50 min, by car and passengerferry, to Ålesund. The bird island of Runde is 45 min. away, by car. And Gerianger is just 3 hours by car and ferries away. Ulsteinvik with several stores and shoppingcenters is only 10 min. by car from Flø

For modern art input visit Studio Hugo Opdal at the old school.




View from the mountaintop "Snellelia"


View from the mountaintop "Snellelia"


Tur Fjellrev solnedgong Dykking
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