When we first conceived the idea of Flø Feriesenter, we hoped that visitors would like the rough nature. And the sea which, through hundreds of years, has shaped Flø.

It has been habitaded for several hundred years. There have been found stonetools, like spearpoints along the river, and several viking graves shows to tell of a mighty Viking presense.

We are 8 equal owners running Flø Feriesenter. Everyone is involved, and you can meet us as receptionists, painters, mowing the lawn and so on. We are constantly trying to improve the business. All suggestions and pointers are welcome. If you have got special needs or wishes, just let us know ahead of arrival.

Email: flo feriesenter@tussa.com

Phone: +47 70 01 50 80
Cell: +47 91 38 90 24
Fax: +47 70 01 50 85
Mail: Flø Feriesenter AS, Flø, 6065 Ulsteinvik, Norway

How to get here from Otta

How to get here from Dombås

Flø Surstrømning

To the left view from Roppehornet. To the right, the swedish herrings club.

  Lennart Stemning Regnboge  
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